My Amazing Trip To Montenegro: A Weekend To Remember

My recent weekend Trip to Montenegro was an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, thrilling activities, and relaxing moments. It was kinda four days but 3 nights, lol; and I spent a total of £700, which covered everything from accommodation to food and activities. Here’s a rundown of my weekend in this beautiful Balkan gem.

Friday Arrival and Dinner Delight

We landed in Montenegro on a Friday and checked into our all-inclusive hotel in Budva just in time for dinner. The hotel was right by the beach and offered breakfast, lunch, dinner, an open bar, a large pool area, and a jacuzzi. On the first night, we had a very delicious dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, rested a bit and then headed to the nearest club in town. I am not so much of a club person but I kid you not when I say, this club was amazing! We had an awesome time, the DJ was lit, the music was enjoyable and they even played African music for us with complementary shots. I had a great time that night, which actually set the tone for a fantastic weekend ahead.

Weekend Trip to Montenegro

Saturday: Water Fun and Road Trip to Kotor

Saturday was packed with exciting water activities. We hit the hotel beach for different water activities. Jet skiing, parasailing, riding on a tube, and a boat cruise. Though these activities weren’t part of the all-inclusive package the hotel offered, they were worth every penny. The adrenaline rush, the thrill and the sheer fun of it all made the day very adventurous and satisfying.

We were able to catch lunch and then rested a bit.

In the evening of the same day, we took a road trip to Kotor. The scenic drive to Kotor was so breathtaking, we looked around Kotor a little bit and when I tell you that Kotor itself was enchanting. The major reason we went to Kotor was for a Kotor Boat tour and this was the highlights of our visit. We opted for a private boat tour to Our Lady of the Rocks, a man-made islet with a fascinating history. According to our boat driver, who was also our tour guide, the islet was created by local seamen who, upon returning from each successful voyage, laid a rock in the bay. Over time, the islet emerged, and a church was built upon it. It’s such a cool spot with a rich history. Another very exciting thing was all the sights we saw along the way, which were all part of the boat tour.

Here are some of the awesome sights we saw on the way:

Mamula Island or Lastavica, located at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor. The tour guide said this place was once a prison during World War II. The island has a sort of eerie charm with its decaying walls and historic significance. Recently, it has now been transformed into a luxury resort, blending its haunting past with modern luxury. according to the tour guide, the prison-turned-resort is an exclusive lodging spot for different celebrities, and the cost per night is £4000.

Blue Cave (Plava Špilja) The Blue Cave on the Lustica Peninsula is said to be one of Montenegro’s natural wonders, and I can confirm this to be true. The cave gets its name from the mesmerizing blue light that shines and illuminates its interior, the bottom of the water inside the cave sparkles so blue and looks really enchanting. People would usually swim in the water when they come there. well, we didn’t.

Submarine Tunnels Along the Lustica Peninsula, there is an abandoned submarine tunnel from the Yugoslav era. A hidden military structure that was once used to conceal and protect submarines. It has been kept and preserved as a reminder of Montenegro’s strategic military importance during the Cold War.

Fortress of St. John (San Giovanni) While not directly en route to the Blue Cave, we still stopped by the Fortress of St. John. It offers a commanding view of the entire bay. The fortress itself has a rich history, dating back to medieval times.

St. George Island Near Our Lady of the Rocks, you’ll find St. George Island (Sveti Đorđe). Unlike its neighbour, this islet is natural and home to a 12th-century Benedictine monastery. The island is closed to the public, but it adds to the scenic beauty of the area.

Bay of Kotor On our journey back to Kator town, we passed by the Kotor Bay itself which was also a sight to behold. The bay is often referred to as Europe’s southernmost fjord, with its dramatic cliffs, serene waters, and very captivating coastal towns. The entire bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its historical significance and stunning natural beauty.

It was simply a Saturday well spent. We went back to the hotel just in time for Dinner.

Weekend trip to Montenegro


Sunday: Strolling and Spa Day

We had planned to go paragliding on Sunday, but since we didn’t book in advance, we had to skip it (pro tip: book your activities at least a day before). Instead, we strolled through Budva town, soaking in the local culture and vibrant atmosphere. In the evening, we returned to the hotel for the most magical spa session. We started with a relaxing jacuzzi, followed by a sauna and hammam session, a full-body massage, and ended with a facial and skincare treatment. It was pure bliss, I think this was the highlight of our trip, tbh.

Monday: Exploring Old Town Budva

With our flight back scheduled for Monday night, we decided to squeeze in one last adventure by exploring Old Town Budva. This one is a very popular tourist spot. It was crawling with tourist from different corners of the world. The historic area looked like a maze, it was full of narrow streets, medieval walls, and very charming squares. We wandered through its alleys, visited ancient churches, and simply enjoyed the lively atmosphere. We also bought some souvenirs to remember our trip.

Finally, we returned to the hotel to collect our bags and then headed to the airport for our very sad trip back to the colds of UK.

Highlights and Takeaways

Some highlights of my trip include the spa session, tubing, street walks, buffet meals, and the boat cruise. Every day was filled with unforgettable moments.

Here are a few tips I learned:

  1. Cab drivers can try to scam tourists, so always check the meter reading.
  2. Insert your SIM card in the presence of the vendor to ensure it works. Each person should get their own SIM.
  3. Always carry extra cash beyond your trip budget for unexpected expenses.
  4. Use Google Translate on your phone for seamless communication to avoid misunderstandings.
  5. The Sun and heat in Montenegro is no joke. carry enough sunscreen and take a hand fan if you can.

Montenegro really exceeded my expectations, Loved every bit of it!

Weekend Trip to Montenegro
Weekend Trip to Montenegro
Weekend Trip to Montenegro

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