Raped by my inlaw

After secondary school, there was no money to further my studies and instead of just staying at home and whiling away, my Big sis suggested I come live with her, I was excited cos I’ve never been to Abuja and I hear it is a beautiful place. Little did I know I was going to get raped by my inlaw.

I got to Abuja and started computer classes, my sister was so nice to me, she bought me clothes, gifts, and will always give me plenty of pocket money, after one year of staying with them, something changed from her husband’s side.

Because of the nature of his job, he always comes home earlier than my sis, and sometimes doesn’t go to work at all, each time he was at home, he will always be sending me on random meaningless errands that will make me always enter his room.

This particular day, he called me into his room and requested I help him search for his misplaced phone, we tried calling the line, but it wasn’t connecting, so I joined in the search, it was around 8am, and I was still in my nightie,

Few minutes into the search, this man came close to me and held my waist, I pushed him off in shock and immediately made my way out,he didn’t pursue or say anything. In my room, I just kept wondering what happened, this man loves my sister so much, he buys her gifts and shows her

off to whoever cares to see, “what was that?”I kept wondering, While I was still in thought, he called again, now I was scared, I changed my clothes immediately to a jeans and top, wore my bra “maybe it was the way I was dressed” I thought, then rushed off to answer him

He said he wanted to talk to me and asked that I sit, I sat on the chair opposite the bed where he was seated, and he apologized and said he didn’t know what came over him, I could see the sincerity in his eyes, so I had to forgive him and also promised not to tell my sister.

Few weeks later, this time, I was in my room, was just stepping out from the bathroom when his knock came on, I tied my towel around my chest and went to answer the door, he was standing there in just his boxers, immediately he saw me, he gradually pushed the door open,

walked into my room and was looking sternly at my body, he muttered “daaammn” and immediately came unto me with full force, before I could react or say anything, he pushed me on the bed, my towel fell off, I was naked,

he held my hands together with so much energy that I couldn’t break free, he inserted his organ in me and with his whole energy had his way with me, I cried and screamed, but no one heard or came to my rescue.

After he was done, he looked at me and immediately broke down in tears, he started crying and apologizing, he said it was the devil. “The devil? But how can it be the devil” I lay there in the pool of my own tears, wondering.

After siting and crying for a while, he left and went back into his room. And we have not spoken to ourselves since then. I still don’t know what to do, this man shows my sister love, she believes he is such a loving husband who adores her, how do I tell her I got raped, raped my my inlaw, her husband!

she sees him as everything she had ever wanted, how can I tell her this? How can I cause her pain?, how can I break her marriage? Will she even believe me?? Won’t he say I seduced him? Won’t she believe his words over mine? I’m in pains, I’m hurt!! I don’t know what to do!! How can I even tell anyone that I was raped, raped by my inlaw.


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  1. Ik says:

    Still waiting for the backseat travel story to be uploaded

  2. Splendour says:

    I was almost a victim of inlaw rape. I was lucky to have fought him off.

  3. ONWANYAMI says:

    Wawuu am always impress reading your stories I suggest you open up to your sister because keeping quite the useless and shemless man will think you enjoyed it and I beat you he coming for u again

  4. Michael Anthony says:

    Star girl…. This is an amazing write up nd also a societal issue everyone is shy to talk about or even write on …u really brought d story to life… Keep up d good work.

  5. BlackMitch says:

    This kinda stuff happens on a daily

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