I Applied and got my Visa

Hey, how are you doing? hope you are fine cos me, I’m not. I got Covid. Yea, I’m not a 100 yet, but I’m much better. So the last story was a video (remind me never to attempt videos again, I hate them) about how I lost the first admission I got, I basically talked about trying to make your first deposit on time using “fast track” or black market cos waiting for Nigerian banks is not a good idea. You can check my last post to catch up. now, let me gist you on how I applied and got my visa in two weeks.

After I got the offer from Ulster University and paid my deposit with black market,(2.2 million Naira) the journey officially began for me. I started my Proof of funds process, the POF is the total cost of your living expenses and remaining school fees which you will show to both the school and Visa office, they want to know that you are capable of taking care of yourself.  So yea, I had the funds sent to my bank account and then printed my bank statement which I sent to the school. After a few days, I got my CAS (the confirmation of studies) from my school.

I’m not gonna lie, the wait for my CAS seemed like forever, the tension was high, my anxiety was on steroids, what if they don’t give me, what if they reject my documents, etc. I need the CAS to apply for Visa, so it was very very important, I panicked eh, omo. I sha finally got it and then applied for Visa. yay!

The visa application is an online form that just asks you a bunch of personal questions and information about the school you applied for, but tht;s fine, you have your CAS and the answers are there. At the end of filling out the form, you have to pay now for the Visa application and IHS(health insurance). Both cost me 1 million Naira.

Well, I paid because what else was there to wait for? But before then, I had booked and taken a TB test which was also used for the Visa application. Basically, for Visa application, I used my documents (the ones I applied to the school with) and the addition of TB test certificate and POF.  That’s it. I have now applied for everything, applied for the visa online and I have booked a date for my Visa biometrics (of course, you have to do capturing. Fingerprint and photograph). Nope, no interview, just capturing.

It was a long wait for this one too, but well, I have come too far to give up now right? I waited, and on D-day, I rushed to TLS in V.I, even though I tried to hurry and be as quick as I can, I still met traffic and got a little late for my appointment, but that’s fine. I am here now and nothing is stopping me. I fought my way through the crowd of people whose appointments were at a much later time. Why are you coming by 10 am to a 6 pm appointment?? Hey God! Anyways, I got in and I sha finally did the capturing after a loooooooonnnnggggg wait, oh, you have no idea.

Sha, at the end of the day, I have done everything and It was now time to wait for the decision of the people up high. I didn’t panic as much again during this wait cos I know my documents all checked out and I have successfully done my part to the best of my ability. Yea, two weeks later, I got an email that my Visa was out, (two weeks cos I paid extra for the priority decision, you know? for them to decide fast). So yeah, it was out! Lol. 

On my way back that day, in the bolt, I couldn’t contain my joy. It was finally here, I did this shit! I got it!

I Applied and got my Visa

And well, It’s time to fucking pack my things and leave but wait! Flight tickets were costing one hand and one leg. Ah!!! I wanted to go mad, does the plenty payment ever stop? Can I get a breather? It was crazy cos how will I pay 1 million Naira for a flight? Ah!

Well, I managed to book flight sha, not one million though but close, I booked like a week ahead, so I paid 600k, made me start school a little late, but that’s okay, I didn’t miss much. On the 26th of September, I packed my things and freaking left.

I know this is like a run down and I know you are still waiting to know how much it all cost. I will drop the screenshot of everything I spent and how much they cost me(cos I was definitely taking notes of all of them)…in the next post.

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