Japa: How I did it – In the Beginning

Relocating to a new country wasn’t something I thought was ever possible for me. I mean, a small girl from the slums of Ohanku road, Aba? Abia state, Nigeria. lol. Who was I kidding to even dream of a better life? talk more, a whole different (and better) country!

Most people have always thought me to be a Lagos girl, you know? Your typical born and bred in Lagos kinda girl. well, I’m not. (don’t be surprised, I never claimed to be, you just assumed). I moved to Lagos about 10 years ago but definitely wasn’t born (or even bred) in Lagos.

Anyways, I made a tweet where I praised myself and bragged a little for doing it all by myself and people came for my neck. lol “You are becoming proud” you should just be thanking God” “who do you think you are” “You are not the first to relocate” etc.

Omo, I am not the first but I know what it took, I know how much struggle went into it and I know how many times I thought to give it all up. Here’s a background story – I come from a very “humble” background (if you know what I mean), with everyone trying on their own to cater for themselves, so, yep. no help from anywhere and my mum is late(she would have sold her plenty wrapper to fund me. lmao). Anyways, yea, Relocation is a HUGE DEAL for me, it’s always been nothing but a mere fantasy, a little girl’s dream, but, well, I guess dreams do come true and I might never get over this particular one. 

Stick around mu nigha!!, I will tell you all about the journey in clear detail, down to how I raised the funds and everything else I think must be bugging your mind. You are not alone, YOU CAN DO THIS SHIT!