How I started Applying

The first thing I did wasn’t to save, to be honest. I first started with applying to different things and in different places. I started applying to Schools in Germany, schools in Canada and then schools in the UK. Yep! With zero idea of what it will take, how much it will cost, how long it will take or even what documents I needed. I had my Bsc certificate and transcripts and really assumed that was all it will take. 

Anyways, the ginger to relocate all started casually. I was dating this guy who stays in Germany and he kinda gave me some of the motivation I needed to start my applications (I wanted to go meet him, so we can live happily ever after. LMAOOOOOO). But yea, he basically turned my face towards what I needed to do. Well, more like, where I needed to begin at least – with getting my school certificate and transcripts. (If you don’t have those, you may need to start thinking of getting them).

When I started, I was literally doing it all myself, just sitting in my room, applying and applying, different schools, different routes, different study paths. It was just not all seeming to be productive. What was I doing wrong? What was I missing? I just really didn’t know, and to be honest, I still don’t know.  I just didn’t hear back from the schools and I was getting tired and frustrated even.

This is not me btw, just some random picture from the internet, but yea, it’s a good representation.

And before you ask, yes, I tried applying for scholarships, but, well… that’s a story for another day.

I went out on a friendship date with a really nice dude (phew! I just remembered I haven’t spoken to him in a while, hold on, let me give him a call.)

Yea, I’m back, I couldn’t find his number, I think I lost it. Anyways, I was on this date and the relocation conversation came up, I mentioned it to him and how I think I want to leave but was not sure how to go about it, and he goes “öh, my cousin talked to this academic instructor who helped her with applications and she got some offers from a few schools” well, what are you waiting for? Give me the person’s number my guy! he shared the academic instructor’s number and omo, I reached out almost immediately. lol

Those academic instructors guys were super amazing btw. Asked me what I was looking for. when did I want to travel? Where? etc. I didn’t tell them I had no plans, lol. Nothing at all.

With no money and no plans, I was literally just sending in applications without any idea what it will cost or what documents I’ll need. Lol.  But one great thing about these guys is they are not just random agents out to scam you. They are affiliates of several schools in different countries, and their main job is to get students for these schools. So it was easier for the schools to respond to their applications faster than when I was applying by myself.

They agreed to help me apply, free of charge, by the way. All I needed to do was give them the documents they needed and then chill for my offer letter from the university. They requested a statement of purpose (personal statement). This is a written letter, telling the school all your real (and fake) intentions for leaving your country and coming to their own country for schooling. It has to be convincing enough for them to believe you.

I did not have this at the time, I panicked cos I didn’t know what to write or where to start, so I begged one of the staff and asked if he could help with writing the letter since they were more familiar with these things, well, he said he can help but I have to pay 50k (when I never see food chop ni) lol. Omo, shebi me sef, I sabi this writing thing small nau, so I went to work. I wrote one of the most captivating SOPs anybody has ever seen, literally…  and from that moment, I knew God has called me to write SOPs. So, I started writing SOPs for people seeking admission (hit me up if you want one. It’s 30k btw and non-negotiable, no stress me abeg).

I wrote his SOP like the badass that I am.

I submitted all the other documents the academic instructor guys requested and they applied. I proceeded to create an applicant portal with a few universities (with their guidance). All these were in September 2020 by the way, and I was applying for January 2021 intake.

I got an offer in November 2020, (I had already forgotten about the application by this time and was just going on with my life). It was a conditional offer. My very first offer from an international school! yay!

I will tell you all about the conditional offer (which I didn’t accept by the way) and give a clearer detail on all the documents you will need to start your applications – in the next story. (I just got back from a 12-hour shift, I need to sleep small. No vex.)

So, till next week.
Sit tight chief.

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