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In the last story, I talked about how I started applying for my relocation and we all agreed (mostly me, I agreed) that I’ll write this week about the application documents that I used.

But first, I noticed some people were unsure what I was applying for, cos I got some questions like what were you applying for? how? Where? Etc. Ladies and gentlemen. For my japa plan, I was applying for a master’s program abroad, I explained that I first tried to apply for other things though, but in the end, I settled for a study which will get me a student visa, which, to be honest, is easier to get than those other types of visa. (We will talk about Visa Application documents and processes soon enough, don’t rush me please 😫)

Also, I am currently in the united kingdom, that’s where I finally applied and settled for. So yea, I was applying for my master’s in the UK and I did get several offers from different schools which allowed me the luxury of choice. I will talk about these offers, how I got them and how I decided which school was best for me – probably in the next story. But now, let’s dive into the application documents and how I got them. 

Application documents

Degree Certificate

I mentioned that the first thing I got was my certificate, which I used for my application, for people who have left school for a long time and properly have been using a statement of result for jobs and other things, well, I’m sorry but you can’t use that one here. I don’t know how it works for other schools but I called my school and arranged for mine from Lagos and it took a little more than one month for it to get ready, I then travelled to the school to pick it up.

But, If you are a fresh graduate and yours isn’t ready yet, I think the school will ask for a letter from your school. (not sure)

Academic Transcript

This was also arranged for and collected together with my degree certificate. For me, I used the student copy of the transcripts in my applications, but please be informed that some abroad schools will require that your university here in Naija sends them your transcripts directly. In this case, you will need to contact your university and inform them of what needs to be done. 

Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement)

I talked about this in my last story. This is a very important written application document and every school will ask for it. You are to give the school a convincing reason why they should accept you into their school and into their country. Your SOP must be concise, direct and well articulated, It must also be interesting and captivating. You are not the only one writing, and the school has to read through thousands of applications. What makes you stand out?
I mentioned that this is something I write for people (for a fee, of course), reach out if you need a badass SOP (and please, it’s 30k and it’s non-negotiable). 

Reference Letters

Yup, you will need letters of recommendation from people that know you either academically or professionally. People who were your superiors and hold a respectable office in their fields.  Your references will talk about your great personality traits, good performances and how you are a good fit for the school and for the country.

Your reference has to collaborate with what you said about yourself in your statement of purpose, therefore it is important to have access to your reference letters and read them well before you submit them to the school. 

Certificate of English Proficiency 

This is where your IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Tests come in. But the good thing about most UK schools is that they don’t really require these tests. Some schools are good with a proof of English certificate from your university stating that you are proficient in the English language.

POE certificate Application Documents

OR simply your WAEC result that shows you sat for and passed the English Language in your WAEC exams.

For me, even though I had and submitted the English certificate from my university, in the end, the school wanted my WAEC certificate. So, I used my WAEC. I didn’t need to do much though, I simply checked online for the WAEC result on the WAEC official website using a scratch card (you can get this online), and then sent the result to the school. 

Other Documents You May Need:


If you have not recently graduated from school, you will need your CV to show what you have been doing since your graduate study. 


Well, of course, you will need your passport.

Important Notice:

I mentioned in my last story that I got help (free of charge) from an academic agency with my application to some schools. This agency helps you apply to schools and it’s easier for them to get you an offer since they are registered affiliates of these international schools. Well, It has come to my notice that they now charge for their services, It’s 50k, and I can confirm that they are legit and will genuinely help you (if you can spare 50k, of course). They will direct and assist you with your application and help you navigate through rough and confusing processes. Reach out to me and I will share their contact with you.


Getting university offers is actually easy if you have the right application documents. Therefore, it is important to get your documents right and ready.

Reach ou to me on Instagram or Twitter if you have any more questions or concerns.

Till next week.

Sit tight chief.✌🏽

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