I intentionally slept with a married man. pt 2

So yea, I don chop finish, let’s continue. 

I hugged him back and he held me tightly asper “tight hug” but I was suffocating cos his gigantic tummy was pressed against my body and sucking the life out of me. I broke loose and smiled again – fake smile, but I smiled.

He climbed the bed and beckoned me to join him. “You look tensed, are you okay?” He asked me, “oh! I’m fine, just tired from the ride to this place” I lied, I WAS TENSED AND SCARED! This man is a human hippopotamus and I’m about to have sex with him😭. 

I removed my foot ware and climbed up the bed to meet him, he was laying down with his hands spread to welcome me into his bosom, lol. “So how was your day” I asked, but he ignored that question.  “you are a beautiful girl and very sexy” that was his reply. Man obviously didn’t come for chit chats, “your lips are so inviting” he said as he bent in and began to kiss me.

I felt saliva all over my mouth, it was even dripping down my jaw as we kissed. guys, it was extra extra disgusting! I know I even drank half his saliva that evening. 

“If this is how you kiss, how then do you have the actual sex, no wonder your wife doesn’t care about your sex life, she’s probably getting satisfaction elsewhere” I just kept thinking in my head while we continued kissing. 

Next, he reached for my boobs and grabbed it! I moaned in pain but I bet he thought it was pleasure cos he tightened his grip and squeezed my boobs like he was trying to squeeze out the last drop of juice from an orange. Again, I moaned in pain and gradually let lose of his hand. 

He lifted me, pulled my dress while making me climb on top of him, well, I climbed the “mountain” and I began to ride, two minutes in and he gave out a loud moan and that was it, he had cum and he came inside! That mfkr came inside!!  

I got down and faked a smile. “that was so good baby, you are so sweet” he said, while breathing like he didn’t have enough oxygen,  “go ahead and freshen up” he added and I nodded and headed to the bathroom. 

While in the bathroom, several thoughts began running through my head, why did he ask me to go freshen up? What does he want to do in the room in my absence? My pants! Damn! I left it on the bed, who knows what he is doing with it, OMG! is he a ritualist? Why did he cum inside? Is that what his babalawo asked him to do? I was so restless and on edge, I hurriedly finished my bath and rushed into the room.

Everything seemed normal, the pants are still there, mans still on the bed and even still catching his breath, I dressed up and told him I needed to be on my way, he nodded and got up, wore his boxers while reaching for his phone. 

“How much is your transport?” He asked, I told him it was 8k to and fro. He nodded while still pressing his phone, few seconds later, I got a credit alert, he sent me 50k with the narration “transport”, I smiled and said thanks. “I think you need a new phone, probably a good iPhone” he said, I was using a techno phone. “When next are we seeing?” He added, I told him I will let him know, “we will talk on phone na, let me get home first” and so I left. 

On my way home, inside that ride from the Island to the mainland, I kept thinking, I kept reflecting on what had just happened, how did I allow that man touch me? I could have run away when I saw him, I could have just chickened out, all I could think of was everything that happened from the hug to the kiss to the sex, the entire experience was traumatic and disgusting. 

Not even a promise of a phone or anything will make me relive that experience – Chukwu ekwela!  I got home and started revamping my CV and began applying intensively for jobs, “I must get a job, I need to make my own money, I need to never let myself experience that shit again” 

I kept telling that to myself and at this point I’m sure y’all can figure out that I never went back to him, I blocked him everywhere and moved on with my life but that experience is something I can never get over. 

So right now, I have acquired excellent skills in content writing and storytelling and well, I’m available for freelance gigs. 

Buzz me up and let’s work on something. . The End. 


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