I intentionally slept with a married man

I used to be one of the people who would scream “do not sleep with a married man!”, lol

Life really comes at us fast right? They say not to judge people until you have walked in their shoes, well, It is really clear to me now. 

After NYSC, I stayed at home for one full year! No job, no money, no source of income, just me, always at home, pressing phone and dishing out moral values on the internet. With the number of followers I have on Twitter, I sure had lots of guys in my DMs and among them were the married ones. 

One day, I made a tweet about needing a job, how I am broke and how I might be slowly drifting into depression, this very kind man reached out to me in my DM and said “I do not have a job to give you but send your account details let me see what I can do” 

Well, what he could do was 150k! Yep, sweet, nice, beautiful, clean(maybe not so clean) one hundred and fifty thousand Naira! Someone’s monthly salary! Guyss, free money is sweet I assure you! and oh, very addictive too! cos I immediately thought, how can a total stranger that I’ve never seen or had any conversation with just dash me that much amount of money, just like that. There is definitely more where that came from!

Slept with a married man

Well, that was how our conversation started, I mean, it would be rude not to have a proper conversation with someone who has shown you that much kindness right? We talked about several things, he was married with kids, his wife doesn’t satisfy him in bed, he has always liked me and admired me from afar, how he sees that I have sense – well, that’s true, I do😎. He said he has been looking for a way to enter my DM and voila the opportunity presented itself and so he decided to say hi. 

While the entire conversation was going on, all I could think was, if this man can send me 150k just as a way of saying “Hi” what will he be sending if I gave him what he wanted cos it was obvious what he wanted from our conversations. My Life could change, I could have my own car, have a house on the island, travel the world, and live the baby girl life. That will be a dream life and these Instagram girls will have nothing on me, after all na wetin girls dey do nowadays anyway. 

While I was deep in thought, his message popped in “what do you think about meeting in person?” and without a second thought, I said “YES! We should totally meet” and that was how the arrangement was made. We are going to be meeting at Radisson Blu hotel, VI. on a Friday after work.

The two days before that Friday was a total struggle, I was restless, I was deep in thought, so many voices in my head, but the loudest one was the one that reminded me of how I might never even have to work or suffer, and how this man is going to change my life and give me the life I deserved.  I mean, I did deserve the baby girl life, I have suffered, I come from poverty, I have lived and tasted poverty and I want out! I want to break free and this is an easy door right in front of me. It’s not like I have not been having sex with men, all those small boys, what have they offered me. Why do it for free when you can get rich from doing it right? Even if it means holding your breath, gnashing your teeth, and faking pleasure while at it – just do it!

Friday came and I cleaned up nice, told my bro that I was going to see a friend and I left. I got to Radisson Blu and he had already booked our room and was waiting. I entered the room and saw him – guys I almost ran away! This man was fat, ugly and with the biggest tummy I’ve ever seen in my life!. Yes, you guessed right, he had already undressed and was in his boxers. He smiled and hugged me. I was so disgusted, “what have I gotten myself into,” I said in my mind.  But well, I didn’t come this far to give up now, did I? So I hugged him back and smiled too. – I must see this through.  

Make I chop guys, I’ll continue the story later…

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