Pregnant at 17

I got pregnant as a teenager at the age of 17, my dad hated me, I had brought shame to the family, the boy in question was the type you call a Riff Raff, he could barely take care of himself talmbout taking care of me and a child.

It was just an experiment. I wanted to know how it felt to be disvirgined, but it wasn’t really enjoyable as Ngozi my friend said it would be, I felt so much pain that day, and on top I still got pregnant!! a one time thing that I didn’t even enjoy.

That morning, my Mum noticed some changes in my body, and carried me to the hospital, on the way, she kept saying “so Ogechi, you’ve been sleeping around eh kwa?” “Mummy no, I haven’t” I kept replying, almost in tears,

I was so scared, “my parents will kill me, they might even disown me, they might even throw me out of the house”, the thoughts were so scary, “where do I even go if they throw me out, I don’t know anyone or anywhere else, hey! I’m finished!!”

We got to the hospital and the test was done and yes, I was pregnant!!! Immediately she opened the result and saw “positive” next thing I heard was “taaaaawwaaaii” on my ears, the slap almost left me unconscious, but she immediately dragged me into the car and we drove home,

my whole body was shaking, my heart was racing, I am finished, it’s definitely over for me. She left me in the parlor and entered her room, and after some mins, my dad drove in, he walked up straight to me, and calmly asked, “who did you sleep with?” “Obinna sir” I replied.

“taaaaawwwwaaaaiiii” another slap landed on my head!!! I immediately knew I was finished, Father went inside and I could hear him speak with mother, after a long while, they both came out and dragged me into the car and we drove straight to the hospital,

Father went into the doctor’s office and came out with a prescription, and then we headed to the pharmacy and father got a pill. We got home and they told me to take the pill, I didn’t know what it was, do they now hate me that much that they want to kill me?

With tears in my eyes, I took the pill and I slept. Woke up to bloodstains, and I knew what the pill was for. Dad said there was no way he could bear the shame, he said he wanted the best for me, as the pregnancy would have hindered me from going to the university that year.

Sometimes I feel it wasn’t just right, but they are my parents and were looking out for me right?


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