On my way to work this morning, there was this stranded lady by the road side.

she stopped our bus and begged the driver that when he gets to the bus stop he should wait for her to withdraw and pay him cos all the banks around where she stood wasn’t paying, 

Driver said No!! 

You could see the frustration on her face, she was almost crying, 

she continued to beg the driver, but he refused and said “what if the bank at the bus stop too doesn’t pay?, madam abeg I no get that kind time”

He was about moving when I told him to stop and asked the lady to enter that I’d pay for her fare,

she was almost teary, and muttered “thank you”, as the bus moved, she told me how she’d been embarrassed and cursed out by some bus drivers and conductors,

she said she had an interview and was hoping to withdraw this morning.

I could relate, cos I’ve once tried withdrawing from those banks on a Monday morning and none of them paid me, I told her it’s fine, hopefully the one at the bus stop would pay, 

But as we were talking something interesting happened

The man sitting besides me brought out 1k and gave her and said “the bank at the bus stop might not be paying too” 

she was still in shock when another woman gave her 5h, another man too brought 5h, and just like that, people in the bus started contributing to her,

it was amazing to watch, she broke down in tears, I was also almost crying too, 

It really felt so good to see people be this nice to a total stranger, 

Nigerians are good people, and I’m glad I was part of it.


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