This is a confession!!

I’m so ashamed of myself, and I do hope the society and the entire family of Mr. Henry forgives me, Emeka especially, forgive the act and the confession of a heartbroken nanny

I was employed as a nanny, but I did more than just take care of Emeka, I abused him, I molested him and I am truly sorry.

Mr Henry had employed me as a nanny few months after his wife had put to bed, while working in the house, this family was so nice to me, treated me like their own daughter, I ate whatever they ate, slept in a very comfortable room which I had all to myself, I didn’t lack anything

I took care of Emeka and watched him grow, he was such a beautiful baby, because Mrs Henry was a working class woman, she mostly leaves the house early in the morning and comes home in the night, but she trusted me and believed that her child was in safe hands. She was wrong

Emeka kept growing and I don’t know how, but I started seeing some manly features that he possessed, how his pen is gets hard sometimes, how cute this little boy looked, and how myself have not had anyone touch me in years. I started having some weird feelings for him, 


while I was bathing him in the morning, I noticed his organ was erect and I reached out and touched it, held it in my hands, and my whole body was extremely alive, I knew it was wrong, but my body wanted it, so I guided his pen is into my mouth and sucked it.

nanny warning child

He stared at me wondering what I was doing, but didn’t say anything. After bathing and dropping him off to school, I came back home and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened that morning, deep down, I knew it was wrong, I told myself it wasn’t going to happen again.

Few weeks later, that night, I had gone to his room to tuck him in, and while carrying him on my laps with his head on my breast, I felt my ni pple get hard, I know I shouldn’t have, but again my body really wanted it, so I put my nipples in his mouth and told him to suck,

it felt so good, he sucked on it and slept off. There are so many similar occasions, mornings and mostly in the night, I had once had him finger me and promised him so many gifts and made him not to tell his parents, but even if he wanted to, he might not even get the chance to tell them, they were so busy that they had little time for him, he saw me more like his mother and I’m so sorry I abused the privilege of being one to him.

Emeka, this is me, your Nanny, and this is my confession, I’m sorry, I hope you see this, I sincerely want to say, I’M SO SORRY. Please forgive me.

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