Once upon a time, there was a cockroach whose name was Ben. Ben was the stubborn cockroach. He was the only son of his parents. He had a sister whose name was Anna, and they were the only children of their parents – John and Mary.

This family of 4 lived in a small village called Emptyhole, where they also had other cockroach families. It was a small, quiet and peaceful village.

The elders in the village had warned the young ones never to leave the village for anything, “it’s a dangerous world out there, the only safe place for our kind is here in the village” 

 the stubborn ben

But Ben had always wondered what was beyond the walls of their little space, he wants to see, he wants to explore, he wants to experience. He said to his father oneday “papa, but what will happen if i go? I am brave and strong, what if I meet nice people, what if i can make more money for us?” but Mr. John warned him “My son! Don’t!, do not ever leave this village, there is nothing out there for you, please my son, you are my only son and I and your mother love you so much”  Ben nodded, but he was the stubborn cockroach. he had already made up his mind , he was going to the outside world, he was going to show his bravery and explore the world.

The day was here, his parents had gone out for a village meeting, it was the perfect opportunity for him to leave, Ben packed up his bag, and while he was about leaving, Anna met him, she tried to talk him out of his suicidal mission, but Ben’s mind was made up and so he left.


He began his journey, walked, rested, slept on the way, and the next day, he was out. He was facing the world, it was the world of humans! As he went further, he could hear music and voices, “oh a party” he said, and then he went in, and just immediately he entered the room, all he could see were giant feets! All feets going up and down. “Oh my god, I’m going to be smashed” he was confused, he didn’t know what was happening.The feets kept moving, everywhere he ran, he saw feets trying to step on him! And so he climbed a wall, “ahan, this is a safe spot” he could now see their faces, they seemed so happy, drinking, dancing and making merry. 

the stubborn cockroach ran

All of a sudden, he heard a voice shouting and pointing at him “It’s a cockroach!”  and everyone immediately turned and lifted their slippers, they were trying to kill him. Ben didn’t know what to do, so he ran, he climbed even higher, flew over their heads, perched on their bodies, and climbed on the walls, but no matter how far he ran, they always caught up to him, lifting their slippers to hit him, he was on the wall when a slippers landed on his head, oh dear Ben,he could feel life gradually leaving his body, he wished he had listened, he thought about his father, and his mother and about all the warnings, and just then another hit landed on him, and he fell.

That was the end of Ben. He was dead.

Back home, his parents waited, and waited, his sister, cried and waited. And to date. They haven’t stopped waiting and hoping that their Ben will one day, come back to them.

But Ben was the stubborn cockroach who has died because he refused to stay at home.


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