Human nature is evil

The human nature is evil, dark and very bad.

we might want to act like good creatures, sensible, kind and all, but deep down, we are all vengeful, idle, vain, blinkered and very selfish.

We view minorities and the vulnerable as less humans

We are all moral hypocrites

Humans like to hear about another person’s distress, it gives us pleasure

Human nature is evil

We are all potential trolls

We favour ineffective leaders with psychopathic traits

We believe in karma, lol, like you want something bad to happen to a person cos they did something you probably didn’t like.

We are Dogmatic and blinkered

When something bad is happening to our neighbour, we do not care cos its not happening to us

Humans hardly spend a lot of time thinking

We are vain and overconfident

We are sexually attracted to people with dark personality traits, because the human nature is evil and dark.

Well you may not have all, but the truth remains that every human has at least, 3 of these traits.


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