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I am a man and I am human

Hi, I am a man and I am human! I hurt, I bleed, I cry, I die I am not immune to pain or sorrow or sadness or hurt I am a man and I am tired! I am tired of being strong, of holding on, of keeping my head high! I am tired of keeping shut, of dying in pains, of swallowing my thoughts. I am a man and I am burdened!  I am burdened with so many responsibilities, some of which are not even my business I am burdened with so many thoughts, some of which are not...


The sex freak

I am a woman who is a sex freak I try to act like it’s cool, but it’s not I try to act like it makes me special, but it doesn’t This high libido is not as beautiful as it seems People often ask “what is your body count”  and I smile and say “i lost count” They laugh and think it’s a joke. But is it?  I have never met a man whose energy matches mine I have never met a man who gives me satisfaction The ones I’ve met? Oh they all get tired along the way They...


Human nature is evil

The human nature is evil, dark and very bad. we might want to act like good creatures, sensible, kind and all, but deep down, we are all vengeful, idle, vain, blinkered and very selfish. We view minorities and the vulnerable as less humans We are all moral hypocrites Humans like to hear about another person’s distress, it gives us pleasure We are all potential trolls We favour ineffective leaders with psychopathic traits We believe in karma, lol, like you want something bad to happen to a person cos they did something you probably didn’t like. We are Dogmatic and blinkered...