I laugh when people say they were raised by strict mean parents, you’ve not met my beloved father! He meted out child abuse in the form of discipline

My dad cut my big sister’s leg with cutlass just because she came back home late, (few mins past 6pm)

a man with cutlass to abuse child in the form of discipline.

No, she wasn’t adopted, she was his own flesh and blood

My dad is a retired soldier, man beat us like we were at war with him, he once called police to arrest, beat and lock up my brother(his only son) cos he went gambling.

child abuse??, well, we thought it was discipline. we’ve always seen child abuse in the house in the form of discipline.

My dad doesn’t discipline us in the day, it’s always in the middle of the night, when we’d be lost in dreamland.

This particular day, Bigsis went to her friend’s place after their computer training classes, she came home by past 6pm, and met my dad at home. She knew she was in serious trouble, she was scared and stayed outside the house till mum came home by 8pm.

My mum carried her inside and they both apologized to dad, he accepted and told her not to do it again, he even offered her some apples and pat her head, “good girl, it’s okay, you are my daughter”

my sister was now relaxed and everything was normal, we all had dinner and went to bed.

12 am, my dad entered Bigsis’ room with a cutlass, he carefully targeted her right leg and boom! He gave her a deep cut,
Big sis flew out from dreamland and screeeaaammmed!! Everyone rushed into the room, blood everywhere!!!

a child who has accepted child abuse in the form of discipline

my sister was crying, my mum was screaming, my brother was shouting, well, me? Of course, I was wailing!!
Mr. Father jejely lifted her and carried her to the car, we all entered and he headed straight to the clinic

On the way, he just kept saying, “any day you ever think of keeping late night and see this scare and remember this night, you will definitely start running back home”

She was taken care of at the clinic, he paid the bill, took us home,

No one shut an eye till daybreak, except him of course, he went into his room and slept peacefully.

To date, we don’t ever keep late nights. all our life we accepted child about in the form of discipline,
you see it as child abuse, we saw it as a discipline.

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