The Community Penis

In school, I was dating this guy who was a community pen is, everyone knew, except me! I was a naive dumb ass who was madly in love, Didn’t know man was sleeping with girls in my class and these girls were the same girls that’ll always say “awwwn, you guys look good together” lol

We would always wear matching clothes, disturb class groups with couple pictures, go on couple trips, the guy legit flaunted me, but man was cheating under my very nose. How did i find out?, well He told me!!(i was that dumb, I didnt even find out on my own)

After he got tired of me and of cheating and hiding it, man now called to say he wasn’t really a commitment person and that he only really tried to keep up with me but failed, said he can’t keep up with dating me.

“I have had s3x with Rose, Nkechi, Frances, Linda, Joy, Cynthia and Daniella, i’m sorry, it’s not like I’ve been the one asking, they always been offering, Joy came over the other day, striped in front of me and i couldnt resist her, maybe I’m not the man for you, i’m sorry”

You can imagine my hurt, my pain, my shame, those girls were fvcking my man and shinning teeth with me, those girls were in my fvcking class!!,

like what happened to at least saving me the shame and cheating with girls in other departments, okay, you wanna cheat with someone in the same class, why not just pick one person??

Kai! I buried my head in shame, and kept wondering, how do I face these girls now, how will i see them now, will my attitude towards them change?, will i ever get over the thought of being cheated on with them? I was broken, hurt, and shamed!

Men??? They will definitely embarrass you!!


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