The Sex Freak

I am a woman 
A woman who is a sex freak
I try to act like it’s cool, but it’s not
I try to act like it makes me special, but it doesn't
This high libido is not as beautiful as it seems
People often ask “what is your body count” 
and I smile and say “I lost count”
They laugh and think it's a joke.
But is it? 
I have never met a man whose energy matches mine
I have never met a man who gives me satisfaction
The ones I’ve met? Oh they all get tired along the way
They wonder what kind of girl I am
What kind of girl never gets tired
What kind of girl never gets satisfied
What is orgasm?
I’ve never reached it
What do people call “squirt”?
I have never experienced it
They all get tired before I get there
They all want out
Out of the relationship
Out of the friendship
And out of my life.
They pity me, 
They wonder if I will ever get a man 
A man that can keep up
And the truth is,
I wonder too.
Will I ever get a man?
A man whose energy will match mine?
Will I ever learn?
Learn to adjust my libido?
Will I ever get to the point?
The point where sex will no longer matter to me?
And another truth is, 
I do not know.
All I know is that
My name is Possible,
And I am a sex freak.

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