Kidnapped by my mum

Growing up, I never liked my mother, We fought viciously. At age 6, I would scream “How are we even related, how are you my mum, we look nothing alike, I want to be with my real parents, in my real house with my boat and my dog” lol.  My ‘real house’ was fancy btw, lol.

She would call me a spoiled brat and say “well, where are they?, go ahead, go back to them! You have quite the wild imagination”

I would even tell my friends that i had a boat and a dog “she’s lying, we dont have a boat or dogs” my mum would embarrassingly explain. 

In college, I got a job taking photos of homes for real estate listings. One day driving around, I saw the house from my wild imagination. I wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming, How is there a house, detail by detail exactly like my imaginary house. I felt so sick in my stomach as I lightly knocked on the door, not knowing what I was even going to say. 

A nicely dressed lady answered and screamed out my name.!! Lols, I was so shocked and confused, how did she know my name?.

She sat me down on the sofa and brought out albums full of photos of my wonderful life with my beautiful family, my boat and my white dog before I was kidnapped at 3!!

Yes, It wasn’t a dream

It wasn’t my imagination

I wasn’t lying or making it up

I was kidnapped at 3 by the woman I knew as my mum.

A lot happened after then, but the strangest thing i’ll share is that I wasnt able to hate her after that. Suddenly her words and behaviour my entire life made sense. It wasn’t right, It’s so wrong, but it made sense. 

Everything finally made perfect sense.

It was the sanest moment of my life. Realizing I was never insane, lying, making things up, ungrateful, hateful, selfish, a thief, manipulative…

I was NONE of those things.

I was just a kid that wanted to go home.

Cc @Jolie Blonde


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